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About Augusto Cuginotti

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Augusto has 15 years experience in working with leaders and teams focusing on leadership development, organisational change and in designing & hosting learning interventions that are effective for corporate, governmental and civil society organisations. Augusto’s ability in connecting systems and people are key to his work in preparing and conducting changing processes in face of complex situations.

Having lived in five countries and conducted work in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Augusto has shown a special ability to ask strong and meaningful questions that helped DuPont LatAm in their process of new product development and Brazil’s Ministry of Finance to create cross-ministerial collaboration platforms.

As an entrepreneur, Augusto was a co-founder of Spirit in Business in Brazil where he designed innovative leadership programs and partnerships that impacted +300 top leaders in the country. He also co-founded a network of people around learning communities in collaboration with UNESCO and is currently coordinating a national dialogue consultation about the country’s future.

Augusto holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden. a Specialisation in Learning Processes from PUC-PR and BSc in Engineering from ITA in Brazil. He had the privilege to learn from renowned teachers in organisational change at institutions like the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in the UK and the Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland, OH. He is a certified ontological coach from Newfield Network Chile and also a collaborator to the Springer publication “Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration”.

First Person

My Journey

A bit about my journey

My work is focused in preparing and hosting space so effective learning processes can happen. I have been focusing my work in two areas: team and organizational change, by researching and developing programs to enhance leadership and collaboration abilities; and acting as a process consultant, designing and hosting the best learning intervention for organizational development and change management processes.

I have lived in five different countries and had the privilege to work in international and multicultural settings with these topics. My projects ranged from UN agencies such as UNESCO, international multinational companies as big as DuPont, national and local governments like the Government of Catalunya and renowned NGOs such as UnitedWay.

Exploring how people can collectively tackle complex situations, I’ve joined a Master’s program in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and contributed to the book Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration. I also joined Summerhill as staff for two years, participating in the original free school, the oldest child democracy in the world.

I’ve earned my BSc in a known engineering university in Brazil, studied how to design learning processes and interventions and participated in a good number of international leadership and business programs focused on personal development, group and team dynamics, appreciative inquiry, the art of hosting, and a number of others.

I currently live in Brazil with my family where I’m a partner in a pioneer company working with innovation & collaboration and an associate with other consulting firms on leadership development and program design.

My family and I are currently living in the South of Spain (until June/2018) and I’m in between there and some of my projects in the Americas and Europe.

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Short Testimonials

Excerpts of Testimonials

Good vibes from good people

Augusto asks great questions, which makes it easy to learn while working with him.

He has outstanding abilities for facilitating complex situations and for participatory processes.

He is an expert in design & hosting of learning processes, a gifted communicator and an excellent person committed to walk his talk.

It was really amazing the way Augusto could operate with the groups and create the necessary atmosphere for persons to work creatively, beyond of the differences of age, culture, social condition

Mr. Cuginotti possesses outstanding well-developed social abilities, a great professional sense, and a very open and curious mind.

Augusto is a very experienced group facilitator and coach. His technical knowledge is high and his human skills are outstanding.

Augusto is self oriented & self motivated and inspiring.

Augusto is a very skilled, dedicated and creative workshop facilitator and teacher.

He is an excellent facilitator, and also has an extraordinary capacity to understand and work with systems thinking, being able to transmit to his co-workers the essential elements at hand.



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Augusto is a learning host. He works to support people and organisations to collaborate towards the results they want, looking at both systems and teams. During his journey he studied group processes at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, a Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and ontological coaching at Newfield Network Chile. Augusto worked in Summerhill, the oldest free school in the world. He participated and organised trainings and workshops about conscious leadership, appreciative inquiry, the art of hosting and other participatory practices in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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