The World is Abundant to the Ones with Open Eyes

by Augusto Cuginotti

In Peace with Descartes

Going to the next step in bridging the simple and the complex goes through a serious conversation with Descartes. The contribution of his Method to the development of our applied knowledge of the world is gigantic – and it still relates to many things.

As a society that applied Cartesianism at any possible level and regardless of context, I believe that we collectively need to be in peace with division in order to appreciate the whole.

A reflection on time – management and presence

Greeks have two words from time – kairos and chronos. A good relationship in kairos is to be able to sense the opportune moment and perhaps see the opportune moment right now in the present.

In order to be in good relationship with kairos, we need to recognize the limits of chronos. Would discipline chronos be a must so you are free to be truly present? I think so.

On scarcity and abundance

  • Only recognising the scarcities of nature we will be able to relate to nature in abundance.
  • Only recognising the scarcity of our energy and attention we will be able to be attentive and energetic in abundance.
  • Only recognising scarcity we will be able to relate in abundance.

Many movements talk about abundance and do not recognize scarcity, many are afraid of the word itself (and what is the best way to avoid it?).

There is a common human dream that says things will be OK if we just believe. Another one that consider human beings intelligent enough to create anything. These dreams are a passive choice to be blind and not take responsibility.

The world is abundant to the ones with open eyes.

For unto every one that have shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that have not shall be taken away even that which he has.

Matthew 25