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Appreciative Inquiry: Generating Opportunities for Change

by Augusto Cuginotti

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The ESADE Alumni Personnel and Organisation Management Club invites you to see organisations from a different point of view. We normally see organisations as impervious to change, a source of problems that need to be solved. High-impact techniques such as Appreciative Inquiry can be used to combat this view.

Appreciative Inquiry starts by transforming our previous views into a perception of organisations as places of great possibility, where we can investigate strengths and aspects worthy of preservation without obsessing over what weaknesses we should be eliminating.

Human systems move in the direction in which we investigate them. Appreciative Inquiry is a support process that allows us to systematise this investigation and organise it in clear stages of intervention.

This method is applied by means of carefully prepared questions that invite the organisation to appreciate its strengths and glean from them the alignment and collaboration of its teams, as well as the energy to collectively work towards a dream.

Augusto Cuginotti, an expert in Appreciative Inquiry based at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA), will be helping us to explore this new paradigm. He will explain the fundamental principles of the methodological process and present a case that illustrates how the method can be applied in companies.

Entrance Fee:
Members: Free
Non-members: 20 euros

Each member may bring a maximum of one guest.

For further information:

  • Date: 23/01/2010
  • Time: 09:00
  • Place: ESADEFORUM. Av. Pedralbes 60-62. Barcelona