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Alterophobia 2 – Afraid of the Other

Chapter II – The Need to Control Why do we need to be in control, to generate previsibility and create a purposeful future? I believe this need for control has little to do with our personality or “level of consciousness”. My sense is that is might be deeply rooted in the way we are as […]

Alterophobia: Afraid of the Other

Chapter I – Anxiety of the Unknown What can be more terrifying than what we haven’t yet come across? How much our own imagination can travel way beyond our experiences to imagine a negative future? I was part of a training some years ago in the exact moment when moving to another country, an unknown […]

Conversational Competencies | The Work of the Present

Truth is not born nor is it to be found inside the head of an individual person, it is born between people collectively searching for truth, in the process of their dialogic interaction. – Bakhtin Our capacity to produce alone or even to accumulate knowledge fail to grant us more power and influence in today’s […]

Competências Conversacionais | Produzir na era da complexidade

A verdade não nasce ou é encontrada dentro da cabeça de um indivíduo, ela nasce entre pessoas procurando coletivamente a verdade, em um processo de interação dialógica. – Bakhtin Não é mais a nossa capacidade de produzir sozinhos ou mesmo de acumular conhecimento que tem o maior poder de ação e influência nos sistemas hoje em dia. Para agir […]