Backcasting from Principles

by Augusto Cuginotti

Nothing much around that supports backcasting from principles more than intuitively. Still looking for something that could address the topic in a more scientific way. This is what is around:

This link here too…

I’m exploring the idea that in a community people have difficulties in deciding what they want to see in the future as a detailed picture, but are able to decide in what things they do NOT want to see: then principles that are boundaries of where people do not want to see their future scenario going would support the more flexible backcasting process.

This goes a bit together with the idea of finding common ground into learning communities, but exploring the fact that people may not agree in what they want to see in a way that could generate principles, but they would be able to come up with principles they agree they do not want to cross to have a desired future.

Exploring the social contract and some of the implications of this. Looks like it’s something similar: create boundaries to your future would be a parallel of giving up part of your personal freedom to support community life. Let’s see.

This also looks promising: