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Bearers of Worlds

by Augusto Cuginotti

I was recently reading an exploration of re-learning the importance of how we gather.

This feeling of re-learning the way we gather comes to me from time to time and it feels like the remembrance of my journey and how it has been changing.

In many contexts, how we gather has been translated into how we prepare space, how we invite, how we use and transform language  – but it is, after all, the natural dialogical us in encounter, the magic of multiple worlds investigating one another with curiosity. And my curiosity is renewed – the art of people coming together and how we can support this space.

In exploring social systems, how we gather came back as the only way human endeavours can scratch societal change. A key action for change is conversation, but neither the ones we’ve been having nor the ones where we plan to influence others and their worlds.

The conversation for societal change is the one where worlds meet and re-discover. For those, we don’t teach because people already know, we don’t institutionalise because people are the bearers of worlds, not organisations. We invite for what we’ve listened and we harvest what we’ve heard.