Decision-Making and Automatisms

by Augusto Cuginotti

I’ve got some questions about my last post on this affirmation: “the act of continuous decision-making requires an automatism”. Perhaps that a bad way of express what I mean. Decisions are not made by only responding, so what I really mean is that it is a great support for decision-making when we have a framework to guide our thought. This is not always possible, but sometimes desirable, specially when patterns can be identified.

Some challenges are only about accessing the automatism (or habit, if you will) that you’ve been training or had been trained into for a while. Language is one, argued to be a background automatism for many others we have. At some point, instead of using them for action, we stop and coordinate our coordination to design a new one. That’s when we step in the border of what is automatic, using our language to figure out what has being renewed/created within that same language.