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Hosting Learning Spaces

Crafting minimalist learning interventions and acting as a facilitator and host of your training or event.

Process Co-Design

Andragogy approach to co-design the appropriate invitation and flow of your workshop and learning journey.

Collaborative Practices

Using collaborative structures and methods to create spaces and opportunities for shared learning and action.

Systems Co-Design

Understand the system through strategic conversational spaces. Shared and innovative planning.

  • New Questions

    Questions today are broad, complex and unclear. More participation and collaboration are needed to understand and tackle them.

  • Meaningfulness

    Meaningful learning is a result of truthful interaction. Finding meaning together is essential for community and organisations.

  • Intentionality

    This interaction can be intentional but not controlled. We therefore create spaces and conditions but pay attention to what is happening in the present.

  • Hosting

    We can host intentional spaces for shared learning. To do this we mix the craft of structure and the art of being collectively curious.

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Workshop Facilitation
Change Management
Masami Miyazaki

Augusto’s advice and support really meant a lot to me and our team, and I feel we could not have done it without him. He filled in a lot of spaces here and there, and most of all, were always like a tranquilizer with his relaxed and friendly attitude toward everyone. ‘Not to control but trust’ is probably the best lesson I learned from him.

Masami MiyazakiDirector of Programs at The Goi Peace Foundation
Gonzalo Miguez Martinez

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Augusto on some interesting professional projects related to the training & leadership development of managers for the Spanish Public Administration. He is an expert in design & hosting of learning processes, a gifted communicator and an excellent person committed to walk his talk.

Gonzalo Miguez MartinezStrategy & Communications Manager at Fundació Hospital
Julia Toledo Ribeiro Pereira

Augusto is a fantastic professional for working with organizational change, innovative solutions, strategic management, among others. He has outstanding abilities for facilitating complex situations and for participatory processes. Each and every experience I had working with him were remarkable and I have him as one of my most important references for the work that I do. Any opportunity of benefiting from his work will definitely bring exceptional results.

Julia Toledo Ribeiro PereiraStrategic Development Coordinator , Instituto Ecoar para Cidadania
Freek van der Pluijm

Augusto is a very skilled, dedicated and creative workshop facilitator and teacher. We collaborated on writing our Master’s thesis and I’ve learned a tremendous amount of things from him which are still invaluable in the work I do today. It has been a pleasure working with him.

Freek van der PluijmConsultant CSR & Innovation
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