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On the Fundamental Changes

by Augusto Cuginotti

On the fundamental changes that can be done in our societal systems, the major influence will never be a contribution from inside the systems themselves. We’ve already explored how to identify cracks in the system so we can give energy to its spread.

Those cracks are the different ways we listen from inside the system and the new language that is created to run parallel with the current story being told.

The act of listening is a purposeful one.

The act of listening is a trigger to a remix of our conversations adapting to changes of what we perceive it’s happening outside of our window. To listen better, we need to step out of our daily firefighting and either invite the outsider in or go out to talk to them.

It is the conversations that we either choose to have or ignore that transform possibilities into stories, that shape a specific language to reduce the enormous complexity of human relations.

It is a gift to be able to simplify and move forward, but from time to time we have to sit with the complex to hear the story we have chosen, to incorporate the stories we decided to ignore, to invite back the possibilities we’ve once had and to see the emerging of new ones.

Re-spice your world.

Our way as humans to move forward with our interpretations, to grow in our understanding, is to have those moments of stillness to re-spice our world with possibilities.

Looking to my screen it’s exactly what I see – one of the possibilities of telling a story about the need for multiplicity of stories. That choice informs where my energy goes, whether it’s about a company re-considering its main story or a small act to invite people to talk about the country’s future on the streets.




On the latter, later today I will join a group of people to see how the manifestations in my country can be at service to the sharing of stories we all carry about our future. It is the practical side of re-writing the systems from society in conversation at a public place. Sounds exciting. ;)   It was exciting! :)

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Dialogue Manifestations are now on!
Dialogue Manifestations are now on!