Self Learning or Self Training?

by Augusto Cuginotti

Original blog post on:

Self Learning – The Next Mega-Trend ?

by Hugo Garcia at The Foresight Network.

Hello Hugo, bom dia!

I interpreted your post as bringing online content as a trustworthy source of knowledge that invite and induce self-learning – I also interpreted this self-learning as being a result of self-study, mostly study alone.

I’ll share a slightly different view based on that interpretation – I think we are living at times where collective learning is essential and does not receive as much attention as what we can learn online and/or alone, regardless of this being called e-learning or self-learning. I would actually re-write your title: Self Training – The Next Mega-Trend ? and would feel it makes sense.

I do agree that in our “information-rich environment” there is a tendency people will get more skilled in searching for the relevant info, self-select and train themselves with online and offline support from seminars, classes, etc. On the other hand, I believe people will self-train more on not-so-complex topics – those about which you can write a tutorial, have a comprehensive wikipedia page, make an informative powerpoint presentation, etc. People cannot go far enough on a self-training “10 things you’ve got to pay attention to” on meaningful relationships, body consciousness and relational arts, for example.

There’s much more on learning than training – so if self-training is from one side the next mega-trend, I’d add collective learning on real complex issues as another relevant trend to be aware of.