Spiritual-based Leadership for emerging leaders

by Augusto Cuginotti

woman butterfly

This program is an inspiration that came from a moment of silence, it was an insight about how insights happen. I realized that is during silence that insights emerge: things get new shapes, shapes become deep and solid or just loose enough to emerge as something new, unique, special.

We live in a moment were we are valued by the things we are doing, the projects we are leading and the activism we perform. While being a change agent is important, more crucial is to be able to define in which direction this change should happen. As a leader, that direction will not be given to you by anyone else, but can be found if you allow your inner voice and wisdom to emerge by being rather than doing. Yes, you’ve got to stop for a while, you’ve got to have this moment of connection.

Butterflies are magical beings, at the same time beautiful and inspiring to the world’s surroundings. Their process of emergence in this world is very quiet, they stop as a caterpillar in order to allow the big transformation to happen while being a steady cocoon. This program was created to allow this moment of transformation.

Butterfly Connection is an opportunity for young leaders, identified with a desire to serve the world, to meet, share and explore their inner motivations, strengths and talents. Within four days together in a safe and embracing environment, leaders are invited to three phases: first to absorb and get in touch with key points of leadership and self-development; secondly to allow a space for something new to emerge while in silence; and finally to lead their own paths and support others.

flow butterfly

One topic that we address: Serving the world and yourself

What we have been finding in our activism and youth leadership nowadays is that people are eager to serve, but also suffer when looking at the complex and big challenges ahead of them, usually translated into experiencing moments of excitement and fulfillment interpolated with moments of sadness and disempowerment.

When that happens, it is a sign that you are relying on the condition of the circumstances around you to feed yourself with strength and hope. As circumstances oscillate – and they always do – you oscillate with them.

There is no way you can serve the world if you are not centered and aligned with your own development and well being. There is no fundamental difference between the person who only looks at himself and the person who only looks at others, because a leader cannot rely on others to be balanced, but rather needs to be centered to influence and help others when needed. You should look and identify your own inner strength that will help you to go through the fluctuations of the world. Your place is at the eye of the hurricane, so you are able to lead even when things around you seems not well.

At this moment, when we look at the condition of the world, many of us have the desire to serve the world. But if our own mind is affected by the world’s condition, we cannot truly serve the world. A mind filled of anger or sadness is not capable of service.” – Dadi Janki

Spiritual-based versus Fear-based Leadership

A new leadership style is emerging. Leaders who understand the present leadership models and know how to work with outward resources and people, but beyond that, leaders who are connected to themselves and to the call of the world. Those leaders are not acting as a response to the world, or re-acting to the circumstances, but rather understanding the broader system and creating a strategy that aligns their actions to the change that is about to emerge.

If we analyze things short-term, it is important that we have the power to respond to a circumstance when something happens. While we need to address some issues instantly, this can only be done effectively and in the right direction if we are prepared internally to face it. Fear is a legitimate feeling that works as an alarm to something we are ready to face and overcome, but fear is a bad fuel for our actions, as it accumulates and make us heavy, carring something that should have been only a messenger. Leaders who use fear as fuel for actions do not find internal peace and get things done by paying a high cost.

Spiritual-based leadership is about getting things done aligned with yourself, it is about finding a source of energy that is not based on reacting, not based on a feeling of guilt or fear. This leader is someone who is doing the right thing while accessing the motivation and fuel that empowers more actions and contributes to his personal development.

Butterfly Connection is a moment where young leaders reflect on their motivations and change the fuel of their actions for something that is inspiring, fulfilling and transforming.