The Magic of Language: How We Use Words to Make Things Happen

by Augusto Cuginotti

There is something special about language. It has the ability to create things out of nothing. By using words, we can communicate with each other and make things happen that we would not be able to do alone. As a result, we can build relationships, create memories, and achieve our goals. I want to invite you to explore the magic of language and how we use it to make things happen!

But first, a confession: I also take this wonder for granted. The way we can communicate is a miracle that we often take for granted because it is an integral part of our lives. It runs transparently in the background. But if you think about it, language is one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings. It allows us to connect, share our thoughts and feelings, and make things together.

I’ve just landed in NYC, and a story came to mind that illustrates this.

I was in a gathering with a group of friends, and the speaker was sharing a story about two people who were left on two different sides of New York City and, even without communicating, were able to find themselves after some hours. Was it coincidence or divine intervention? The power of intention or just the fact that everybody walks towards the same regions in New York anyways?

I was amazed at how compelling that story was for the audience. Really? The Secret? Mind over body? Positivity until either you change your mindset or the world bows to your will?

Despite your beliefs, I would like to propose there is a lot in the mundane and ordinary that, if we dig deep, is where the real magic comes from, without the need of any abracadabra.

Imagine the same story of two people in different parts of New York, but now they text each other and say: “let’s meet at Broadway and 49th at 4 pm today”. Not much here on the surface, but if we look closely, we might see the power of this communication – two people have committed their future with each other, and from all they could do at 4 pm today, if they keep their promise, they have defined a moment in their lives.

If this does not seem grand when two people are meeting, think about a multinational with 500+ employees on four different continents or what it takes to prepare a city for the Olympics. Yet, it is all done the same way, communicating through language, and it’s pretty extraordinary.

Not that you shouldn’t believe in magic, who am I to say that (I believe in 🎅), but consider there is something magical about our simple communication exchanges. We can do things together that change us, our relationships, and the world.

And if you haven’t been selected to Hogwarts to learn the first kind of magic, you certainly have been introduced to the power of language and communication. And more, you can train to use it better too.

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